Monday, January 14, 2013

Two sermons worth listening to

"Perilous Times Shall Come" by Dr. Roger Voegtlin (Pastor of Fairhaven Baptist Church, Chesterton, IN). - This sermon highlights poignant Bible verses and principles about the importance of standing for Christ.  So many good insights are also shared in this sermon regarding the importance of powerful preaching vs. popular preaching and a working church principle vs. church marketing.  This sermon is something that can inspire pastors and preachers to remain faithful to God and His Holy Word.

"Why Most Independent Baptist Churches will be Emerging in 20 Years"  by Dr. David Cloud (Missionary, prolific author, and Biblical Fundamentalist preacher) - So many people do not like Bro. Cloud because as a preacher he exposes sin (so what's new?).  It is difficult to stand against your own, when your own are in the wrong, this sermon is a rather difficult one to preach because he names extremely influential "leaders" within the "IFB" circles but not without reason and facts. Consequently, he is dismissed or scoffed.  I would say listen to this sermon and remove the details (if the details offend you), and listen to his challenge, if he didn't name any names the principles alone still stand because they are rooted in the Scriptures. This message is a vital warning for our times.

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