Friday, November 9, 2012

Post election perspective

You are probably thinking “oh well, here goes another blog article about the election” and of course, you are right to think that, but to dismiss this as yet another, I’ll let you judge whether or not you will read anything like this in blogdom.  I say that because not very many in blogdom come from my perspective which is essentially Christian-Baptist-American-Conservative and in that particular order with that particular point of view.  So if you are already “dismissive” then fine, I hope you have a good day, see you later. I am going to succinctly share my thoughts about what happened and what I plan on doing to conserve and promote the founding principles and fundamental liberties of the American social order and civility.

What happened?
1. Our eyes were partially fixed on the polls when the culture around us was screaming.  The culture (way of living) is a far more superior indicator (and still is) of where we as a nation are heading.  Our music, movies, web, television programs are filled with violence, perverseness, and varying degrees of ungodliness.  Our news and press (journalism) no longer “press” for information, asks tough questions, and has become a partner to campaigns (that would be on either political sides).
2. We thought the economic issue would trump the moral issues.  Make no mistake about it; economics (like most everything else) is itself a moral issue.  This election revealed our nation’s morals.  And while it is somewhat consoling to find a relatively healthy split among voters what is concerning is that the vast majority are on the wrong side of morality.  The various voter referendums demonstrate this.  I hope that these voter referendums get challenged with the same vigor that met previous referendums when the shoe was on the other foot.  It is insidious that so many issues were swept in the ballots and that it made its way into this particularly historic election.  It is also pathetic that so many virtuous people didn’t win the Senate.
3. Conservatives are getting upset with the GOP (and still is) for compromising founding principles.  When you lose liberty it is difficult to get it back.  I voted for (and was okay with it) the GOP ticket because it was the only proper alternative.  The GOP selected candidate and party is just not tough enough.
4. We lost, again.  The ramifications are so overwhelming but let me put it lucidly: America has chosen to be more socialist.
What can I do? 
1. Spread the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Always, always, always remember – the gateway to conservatism is Christianity.  Men must hear the Biblical truths that we are fundamentally spiritually fallen creatures.  The greatest need cannot possibly be solved, met, or provided for by man.  This is a matter of redemption and faith more so than popularity and comfort.  The Gospel message shows man who he really is, and points him to his Redeemer.
2. Promote religious freedom and separation of church and state (not God and country).  Part of the reason I am a Baptist is because historically it is the only movement that championed religious freedom.  Our founding documents were shaped by principles of Christianity and the Baptist faith.  If you take a look back (history) then you’ll know where you are (present) and where you want to be (future).
3. Be thankful.  Rejoice in the Lord, and be thankful that we have the liberties we still have.  We may have a starkly different America, but we still have America.  It isn’t “Amerika” yet.  Be thankful we are still free to worship God and evangelize.  Don’t think for one moment that the “new” and more socialized America will remain stagnant.  We need eternal vigilance.
4. Continue to educate yourself with the principles of liberty that you have been given.  The more you know about the founding principles the more confidence you will have to refute socialism.  It is only when you educate yourself that you can properly educate others.   Mark and avoid pseudo-conservatives.  How can you identify them?  Easy, just ask does popularity or money change their views?  If yes, they have no courage and deserve no hearing.
5. Pray, read the Bible, and work for Him.  He will never disappoint you.  Get more involved in church.  Listen closer to the preaching of God’s word.  Obey your Pastor (if he is Biblically qualified).  Win as much as you can to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Stop patronizing compromising Christians and fake conservatives.
6. Leave, leave, leave the results to God.  Give Him the glory and don’t steal it for your own.
7. Remember the battle and the solution is fundamentally spiritual.
Now, let’s get busy doing that which is Biblically right!

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