Thursday, August 16, 2012

Disciplines for New Believers (ebook edition)

It has been about ten months now since the first publication of my book Disciplines for New Believers.  First, I upgraded the print edition a couple of ways (tried correcting more of the typo errors, improve the contents a little, and enhanced the cover).  I had a few people asked me what was the deal with the first cover.  It was supposed to be a Paul and Timothy type of a picture.  But what it looked like was a couple of men in chains.  It communicated that the Christian life is a life of drudgery.  HA!  Far from it.  But I do understand that people do judge a book by it's cover.  Now, we know better, but many unfortunately don't.  So I went ahead and revamped the cover.  It looks nicer now, at least.

The digital version of DfNB ($3.99) is done with the help of Vook.  I tried doing it on my own; that was fatal.  What a time waster.  I am glad for the 120 some odd downloads of my book when it was under the Amazon Kindle format, but now through Vook my ebook can be purchased in virtually any ereader or tablet format (not just through Amazon's format).  I am certainly excited about this new opportunity via Vook.  You may purchase DfNB via the Vook storefront here, and Amazon's Kindle reader here, or as a NOOKBook here.

Two publishers carry my print book for distribution, and I am thankful to God for them.  They represent what I believe to be a good Christian/Baptist resources type of organizations (or book distributors).  There is Starr Publications which is owned and operated by Pastor Randy and Shirley Starr.  BTW, they now carry many home school curricula and some are discounted with an extra 10% off discount.  Then there is Local Church Bible Publishers a book and KJV Bibles distribution ministry based out of Parker Memorial Baptist Church in Lansing, MI.

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