Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just a personal update, that's all

1. I am working on updating Mt. Zion's church website.  Soon we will have a smooth, yet informative website.  This is very important as you can imagine.

2. I am excited about teaching Sunday School this weekend on the topic of reaching the lost.  My focus will be on tract distribution, and sermon CD distribution, also.

3. I am excited for the direction our church is taking towards "discipling" new converts and even new comers to Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

4. I am excited about our up-coming Shepherd's Retreat in March.  Lots of vital topics to cover.

5. I am excited about our up-coming teacher's training seminar.  Lots of teacher's do not self-improve, but hopefully, we can change that at Mt. Zion.

6. I am trying hard to finish a book so that I can heartily recommend it in my book recommendation list.  It is a thick read, and I am not sure if I could finish it before the end of Feb.  I want to, so at least I can recommend a book for the month of Feb.

7. William Tyndale is growing up.  He is demonstrating more of his will of course, and he is no doubt much like his mother, hard headed and a bit rebellish. :-)  WOW, am I getting an education on Pro. 22:6  - the key word for me right now is "should" - I am to train him in the way he "should" go, not the way he would go.  Whew! We need your prayers.  Child rearing is like blending fear and joy.  In fact, many of life's experiences is just like that, at least for me.

8. Marcia is such a help to me!  She really is my wonderful blessing.  Okay, enough with the mushy stuff.

9. Bethel Baptist Press and Starr Publications are such a blessing to me.  I am working on another book (certainly a much thicker one, and a totally different topic or type).  I won't say any more than that, for now.

10. Still on twitter.  Some things I like, some things I do not like.  I wish some people were on it Bro. Cloud, Strouse, Brandenburg, Waite, Ross, etc. - and not just get on it, but maintain it, too.

It is for these reasons and more that I couldn't get to my blog in a more substantive way, but I do have a few items I wish to post in the future (like elements of good preaching,  the disappearance of application, aspects of my blog layout, etc.).

P.S.  Marcia and I did get approved by Central Missionary Clearinghouse which we will utilize for our future deputation ministry,  CMC is used by the folks directly sent out by our church, and I certainly intend to follow suit.  NO DATES as of yet.  Lots and lots of things to do before we can get going, but I will blog about that too, eventually.

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