Monday, December 19, 2011

Personal stuff and DfNB now joins the inventory of Starr Publications

     Merry Christmas!  I love the holiday season.  We have had a full ministry this Christmas season with a two night Christmas Cantata, a Children's Christmas Program, the choir singing at the mall, and now we focus on our Christmas Sunday this weekend, with a special message from our Pastor (Pastor Randy Starr).  This would be like a special "Christmas push" to invite friends and family to church (especially because Christmas falls on a Sunday!).
     Marcia, W.T. and I will be traveling to Ohio to see the "great Grandmas" and others also.  I am still debating about going to Michigan to meet up with Pastor Chris for a book hunter's dream (Grand Rapids: Baker, Zondervan, Eerdsman, Kregel, etc.).  I am already worried about how I am going to handle my library of books when I go to the mission field, and a trip to MI isn't going to help, but then again, there are a few books on my wishlist that need attention.  I will need wisdom on that, for real!
     I do look forward to a hiatus from "blogdom" during the holiday season.  I will at least get to Matt. 5:3-6 done today, since it is already written out, I just need to cut and paste it, and the same with finishing up on the "Holy Spirit in Acts."
     NEWS:  Disciplines for New Believers now joins the inventory of Starr Publications!  This is really neat.  Starr Publications is the personal work and ministry of Pastor Randy and Shirley Starr and they are kind enough to promote my book on their website and inventory.  So now there are six ways that you can order DfNB if you wish:
"Disciplines for New Believers" ($6.00 + s&h) is now available in the paperback format besides the Kindle format.

Six ways to place an order:

1.  You can email me a request at ""

2.  You can tweet me a request @hardecker.

3.  You can phone in an order: 717.880.5011.

4.  You can write me an order:

                                    Bill Hardecker
                                    111 S. Pine St.
                                    Red Lion, PA 17356-2115.

5.  You can purchase the book at the Starr Publications website.

6.  You can purchase the book with "PayPal"  click on the Buy Now button below:

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