Friday, November 4, 2011

Three online tools to learn more about Mt. Zion Baptist Church

1.  Our church website.  Obviously, this is the most elaborate tool.  It contains everything you would want to know about MZBC.  You can look at current events and calendar items, read our doctrinal statement, a succinct background on our Pastoral Staff, see the various ministries and so much more.

2.  This online tool archives our audio and video sermons.  We also live stream our Sunday morning service at 10:45am EST.  If you are like me, you like listening to the preached Word, then help yourself to some good old fashioned preaching.

3.  Follow us on Twitter @mtzbc.  If you would like to receive announcements, updates, and more information about MZBC, then feel free to follow us on Twitter.  Send us a request, and if we determine that you aren't a spammer, we will gladly add you to our Twitterverse.

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