There are a lot of activities going on for now:
1.  We have Revival Week at our church. (May 16-21)
2.  I get to travel and preach for a church anniversary at Cornerstone Baptist Church, Chicago, IL. (May 22-23)
3.  Mt. Zion Baptist Youth Camp (June 28-July 2)
4.  Vacation Bible School (July 19-23) - which btw, if you plan to attend, or you would like more information please register at the appropriate slot  here (where it says "Online Registrations")

I do not know if it is because of the new template that I am having issues with blogging.  I am extremely upset at some kind of setting or something that is just messed up!  When I have time to return to simplicity, I will commence to blogging more.  In the mean time - I am going on a "spring" break from the blog world.  I will attempt to simplify my blog.  I use to copy and paste my articles from Microsoft Word, and now when I click to publish it, the text becomes scattered, and I end up spending a lot of time trying to clean it up.  It is frustrating and unnecessary.  Something is wrong, and I have no time (at this time) to address the issue.

On a personal note:  Marcia and I are expecting a boy (our first child), Lord willing, late in Sept.  We already have a name picked out:  "William Tyndale Hardecker."  Pray for Marcia and the baby, and while you are at it, you might as well pray for me too.


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