Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sermons to enjoy

If you are like me you probably enjoy listening to some preaching. I am thankful that the Lord enabled me to hear, and to hear some good Bible messages. Actually listening to a sermon over and over again really does me a lot of good. Preachers pack their messages so much so that you can't really 'get it all in' in one sitting. Praise the Lord for some good technological advances which we benefit from in this area. So, on with my recommendations...

2. "Spiritual Momentum" - Pastor Chris, how to gain, lose and maintain spiritual momentum.

3. "Satan's Lies about Bible Doctrine" - Pastor Randy Starr. This one has the highest downloads according to the March stats provided by

4. "Jesus Walked on the Water" - Pastor R. Starr preached this one on a Sunday night, a very helpful and encouraging sermon. Wait to you hear the analogy on the Rapture!


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Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

Good deal. I'm gonna check 'em out. Thanks for the links.