Thursday, September 20, 2007

Youth Alive - 5th Quarter

Youth Alive - 5th Quarter
Friday, September 28th after Red Lion's football game

Who: ALL TEENS (7th-12th graders) are welcome!
Location: Red Lion Community Center
Time: approx. 10:00-11:30pm (starts 15 min. after the game)
Free: Pizza and Soda.
Receive a ticket and be part of the drawing for the gifts cards and prizes!
Fun, games, competition and
Guest speaker: Evangelist Eric Ramos


Jeff Voegtlin said...

SO. How'd it go?

Unknown said...

It went well. Thank you for asking. There were 61 teens from the community there. Also 10 youngsters from our church and and 17 adult workers. Eric Ramos did a great job doing the games and competitions, Pastor Chris (the organizer) lead in the gifts and prize giveaways. Mr. Ramos preached the gospel as clearly as possible. Four boys stood up to talk to the workers at the back regarding getting saved. There was a tremendous peer preassure to just stay but all in all they wanted to talk and they did. We are praising God for a good day (actually night), and we are praying for fruit to remain. We are glad for many of our church people that prayed and helped. We are thankful for Pastor Chris, and the vision for this urban ministry. We are thankful to God for Bro. Ramos - he is a unique and uplifting man of God.

I'll try to get some pictures up.