Preaching Conference and Alma Mater and Friends

We got back from an exciting week at Fairhaven's Preaching Conference. This year the College celebrated its 30 year anniversary. The services was packed with godly music and great preaching. Marcia and I were in the midst of so many good friends who love the Lord and are serving Him. It was also wonderful to see the new Recreational Center and marvelous renovations taking place. May God continue to bless Fairhaven Baptist Church and College. To God be the glory!


More information on the 'SPANKING' matter here in California please click here
Cindy said…
Sounds like an awesome time!!! So glad that you had a blessed and safe trip!
Nicole said…
It was great seeing you and Marcia!
David Scott said…
Bill, I've heard Fairhaven's preaching conference is fantastic, though I've not actually been there myself. My former pastor, Phil Clark from West Coast Baptist Church in Vista, Ca loves Fairhaven and recommends it to all his teenagers. I believe he takes a group back every year so you may actually know him. Anyway, it's neat to actually meet a graduate. Stay in the ministry brother, we need more like you! I'm going to link to your blog and if you get a chance, check mine out and let me know what you think! Thanks!
Bill Hardecker said…
I know Pastor Clark, and Thanks for your comments. I will be looking at your blog as well.

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