Bible Study

“These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” (Acts 17:11)

“If I could say something that would induce Christians to have a deeper love for the Word of God, I should feel this to be the most important service that could be rendered to them. Do you ask: How can I get in love with the Bible? Well, if you will only arouse yourself to the study of it, and ask God’s assistance, He will assuredly help you.”

“Word and work make healthy Christians. If it be all Word and no work, people will suffer from what I may call religious gout. On the other hand if it be all work and no Word, it will not be long before they will fall into all kinds of sin and error, so that they will do more harm than good. But if we first study the Word and then go to work, we shall be healthy, useful Christians.” (D.L. Moody, Pleasure and Profit in Bible Study, ©1895 by Fleming Revell Co. pp.5-6).

One of the most important of spiritual exercises a Christian can and should do is to study the Bible. The world is not short on materials which can aid an individual in this important matter. Fundamentally, a Christian must be careful to search the Scriptures. Not read about it but to actually read it. Read it, study it, understand it, memorize it, apply it, affirm it, meditate on it, and live by it. One can have all the tools to adequately study the Bible, but yet miss the point of actually studying the Bible itself. The Bereans were noble, not because of some social status but because of their receptive attitude towards the word, or the apostles teaching and they were diligent in examining it to see that the message lines up with God’s Word. May we emulate the Bereans in genuine Bible study.


Nicole said…
Good post! How are ya'll doing?
Bill Hardecker said…
We are doing well, Praise God. We are planning on attending Fairhaven's Preaching Conference. Are you going to be there? Anyway, I tell folks so far, its just me and my better half, and no other halves. Ha! Thank you for asking. I read your blog ever so often, so I sorta know how you are doing. I plan on elaborating more on this topic, with some interesting details, etc. Thank you for commenting and Blog on!
Yes! I believe that King David was a man that followed this--see "A man after God's own hear" in
kateplourde said…
Amen, Bro. Bill!!! I was raised catholic and for 25 years I swallowed what my priest "chewed" and I gained nothing spiritually. When I was born again, I couldn't soak up the Word fast enough. I chewed and swallowed the Word and was nourished by the Holy Spirit of God!! If you want to grow as a Christian, you must study!!
Bill Hardecker said…
Well Praise the Lord! and good for you. I remembered my last 'confession.' The priest told me two things: 1. Don't ever question the Catholic church. 2. Don't read the Bible without supervision.


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