Monday, June 12, 2006

What is the Bible called?
A Psalm 119 Survey (part 2)

Some observations about the various names that the Bible is called in Psalm 119.

1. The Law of the LORD - v.1; ' truth' v.142

2. His Testimonies - are described in this Psalm as 'righteous and very faithful.' God has 'founded them forever' in v. 152.

3. Thy Precepts

4. Thy Statutes

5. Thy Commandments - in v. 151 'are truth.'

6. Thy Judgments - are righteous; 'of thy mouth'; 'are good' v. 39; 'of old' v.52; 'are right' v.75; are 'upright' v.137.

7. Thy Word - 'very pure' v.140; 'is true' v. 160

8. Ordinances

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