Monday, May 1, 2006

Their 'rock' is not my Rock

Many of today's churches are using a style of music that sounds no different from that found in rock concerts, social clubs, bars, and other questionable places. The current trend of music is really nothing new. The musical revolution began in the 50's with a new genre of music called: 'rock n' roll.' Who would have thought that it would trickle down into many churches today?
Rock, in all its various forms, has found a resting place in scores of churches all across this land. Interestingly enough, so-called 'Christian' artists who perform or 'do their thing,' are applauded by the same crowd that honors 'worldly' artists, with hardly any distinction that could be differentiated by their music, with the exception of the lyrics (even then some lyrics tend to be vague or suggestive).
In the Bible, Christians were not lauded, they were hated (see John 15:18, Hebrews 11:36-38). What a contrast in attitude and acceptance in todays society. One question comes to mind when thinking upon this subject of "Christian Rock", what's so Christian about rock music?

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