Friday, March 10, 2006

Sermons I enjoy (part 3)

Its that time again, where I get to share with the blog world some of the sermons from the internet that, as the title suggests, I enjoy. Certainly one of the benefits of being able to download good preaching is to take time to hear good preaching, take notes and later meditate on the Scripture and words of the preacher. I believe that there is something special about a man of God who preaches the Word of God in the power of God. A sermon well prepared will yield the most results for the Lord, and will work in the hearts of many of God's people. Good preaching will even help in bringing the unsaved to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Pastor Don Whitecar is an assistant pastor at Fairhaven Baptist Church. That's what a lot of people know about him. He is a good friend and I have seen his sermon preps and I will tell you his sermon delivery is careful. Sorta-eloquent but still down to earth real. Of course I don't want to blog here all day much of his sermons that I recomend I commented on in Sermon Audio so I could only suggest a few, however if you click here you can find most of my comments and recomendations on Pastor Whitecar's sermons.

1. Giving Thanks to God - I believe our sinful propensity is to not be thankful enough. This sermon is a great reminder on being thankful. Get your pencils and paper out (or stylus and pdas or notebooks) you don't want to miss any of the verses he uses in this sermon.

2. Bitterness - We are also prone to bitterness and even hate. A sermon everyone should hear and take to heart.

3. Remembering Jerusalem - great thoughts on Psalm 137:1-9.

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