Friday, February 10, 2006

Ex Libris

"A Consumer's Guide To Preaching: How to Get Most out of a Sermon" By Dr. Jay Adams. I came accross this book at one of those buck a book places (Yes, one man's trash is another man's treasure!) and at fist I must confess the title threw me off, A consumer? how anthropocentric? how arrogant? but then again you can't judge a book by its cover, and in this case by the title (BTW, the cover looks funny - just sharing some thoughts here). Anyway, turns out to be an insightful book for a layman with practical helps and ideas on the topic described as the sub title. A very helpful book! 160 pages, soft cover published by Victor Books.

Chapter 1 There Is A Problem - neat little chapter that puts the blame where it most likely belong (in the pew and not necessarily the pulpit).
Chapter 2 Before You Begin
Chapter 3 Preparing for Preaching
Chapter 4 Your Basic Attitude
Chapter 5 Expectations, Predispositions and the Spiritual State
Chapter 6 Work at Getting the Message
Chapter 7 Understanding the Message
Chapter 8 How To Handle Poor Preaching - 'good luck' on this one
Chapter 9 Berean Listening
Chapter 10 Distractions - Dr. Adams uses a funny illustration to open this chapter pointing out that distractions are really nothing new.
Chapter 11 The Preacher and You
Chapter 12 Implementation - He provides excerpts ranging from good to heresy and basically asks his readers to think about what is being said.

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