Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A City, A Tower, and A Name

Pride is something we know God hates (Pro. 6:16-17). The Genesis account of "The Tower of Babel" in chapter 11 is a great reminder of how sinful man wants independence from God. They wanted a city and tower 'whose top may reach unto heaven.' Seems to me that they were in some kind of competition with God. Why would anyone desire to aspire to such heights? It reminded me of how Lucifer wanted to ascend higher than the throne of God. "and let us make us a name..." Again pride: "Oh look what we have done," I can imagine that something of that magnitude would generate some attention.
Stranger: "Oh excuse me sir, but who is in charge of this massive project?"
Sir: "Who are you? (just kidding) His excellency, the honorable Mr. Nimrod."
Stranger: "I am sure you are going to dedicate this construction project to the Lord, aren't you?"
Sir: "Who? (this time not kidding), oh no, not the Lord, He wanted us to break up into colonies and scatter ourselves abroad, He wanted us to take dominion over creation and raise our families for Him, BUT we know better, you see we are Shinarians! We want to make a name for ourselves."
all of a sudden confusion sets in...
Sir: Anong pangalan mo? (Tagalog)
Stranger: ¿QuĂ©? (Spanish)
Moral Lesson: Don't be like the Shinarians.

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