Saturday, December 31, 2005

Why all things work together for good?

All things (even the worse things) work for good because of who God is. He is our "Father" (see Rom. 8:15), therefore whether He spanks (admonish) us or smiles (bless) us - it is for our good.
"To them who are called..." - every born again believer is 'called.' We don't do the calling, much like we don't do the 'saving.' What really got me is the description 'to them that love God.' This is something amazing. Do I live a life that exhibits this character trait? The pharisees were rebuked by Jesus not because of what they said but because of what they did (or did not do). In other words, they had no problem saying things but not really living out what they assert (hence Matt. 15:8).

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