Wednesday, August 3, 2005

A brief testimony

I knew that the Lord had called me to the ministry (to preach) very soon after I had trusted Him as my Savior. I did not hear Him audibly as some would think, but in my heart I have an insatiable desire to be in the ministry and to dedicate the rest of my life to the Lord and to His people, the church. Pastor G. recomended a Bible college that was particularly noted for being strong. Having not seen such an institution, again faith took hold of my heart. This is another reason why faith is so important to me. I knew that my pastor would not dare lead me in the wrong path. The time we spent together, the work we did, the many opportunities that he has given me and brought me along; there would be no way for him to recommend nothing but the best in my mind, for the calling of the Lord in my life.
I attended Bible college. I am greatful for the Pastor, and all the staff, and the church members, that have given me the finest training anywhere else in America. Much of my life was transformed because of that place. I must say it was always for the better. In fact, now that I am in the minsitry, I would highly recommend Christian young folks who believe that they have God's call in their lives to go to this school. I will always be greatful to such a place, and to such a people.
It was in Bible College that I met my wife. We both love the Lord, and are excited to see what He has instore for us.
I hope by now you can see why faith is the dearest thing to me.

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