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Aug. 2013 Newsletter

A real American hero

Mr. Bob Book served as a Radio Operator Gunner (in a B-25 Bomber) for the U.S. Army-Air Corp. during 1943-1946 in Manila, Philippines (& in Angeles City & also in Japan).  I am so thankful for the brave men and women like Mr. Book for liberating the Philippines!  We stand on the shoulders of brave Americans like him.  Bro. Book is a member of Calvary Ind. Baptist Church in Quarryville, PA (under the leadership of Pastor Daniel Crisman, my friend).  This Oct. he will be celebrating 50 years as a song leader.  AMAZING! Found faithful!  What a blessing.

Prose - Dr. Peter Masters' article on New Calivinism (published in 2009)

Dr. Peter Masters is pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle Baptist Church in London, England.  I do not endorse his Calvinism and Reformed theology, but I would like to place this article on my blog for the sake of some pertinent information regarding Collin Hansen's "New Calvinism" and his masterful (pun intended) summary of this relatively new movement.

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"When I was a youngster and newly saved, it seemed as if the chief goal of all zealous Christians, whether Calvinistic or Arminian, was consecration. Sermons, books and conferences stressed this in the spirit of Romans 12.1-2, where the beseeching apostle calls believers to present their bodies a living sacrifice, and not to be conformed to this world. The heart was challenged and stirred. Christ was to be Lord of one’s life, and self must be surrendered on the altar of service for him.
But now, it appears, there is a new Calvinism, with new Calvinists, which has swept the old objectiv…