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New Beginnings

Last night, Mt. Zion Baptist Church voted unanimously to release me to book meetings for deputation to do missionary work in the Philippines.  While there is much work to be accomplished, I am both thankful and humbled by the support and love that my home church has expressed to me and my family.  I have effectively re-arranged some of my links and pages to reflect a change of emphasis on my personal blog (if you haven't noticed it yet).  I would like for you to view my "Missions Packet" page.  It is loaded with information and recommendations concerning our burden for the Philippines.  I would ask that you would sincerely pray for the Lord to do the work that we otherwise could not do.  I am officially adding a new column in my prayer list, it will be called "Impossible" - but I have no doubt in my mind, that God can do that which is impossible!  Thank you and be well.

You Shouldn't Attend a Movie Theater...and here's why

I used to go to the movies.  First, my parents took me there as a child.  Then, as a teenager I “hung out” with a few friends and there were times when we had gone to the movies.  I wasn’t a frequent attender mainly because it took a lot to go; gas, money and time.  As a young person I didn’t have a vehicle to get around (I had to get carted around), I did have money (but not lots of it), I did work to earn money and my parents were gracious to give me an allowance (very nice of them).  So between work and allowance, I did have money (just not lots of it, also I saved some of it, too).  Saving is as much an activity as spending (but that’s a totally different topic for a different blog post).  And time, well, it’s not that I had any more than the rest of humanity, but as a young person it is very easy to think you have more than what is  divinely allotted and even much easier to squander it.  So I would go to the movies.  No problem.  It was fun, it was leisurely, cost…